Steering & Suspension

The Eagle Tire team wants every mile you drive to be a comfortable one. Your vehicle's steering and suspension systems are responsible for maintaining comfortable riding conditions and driving performance.

Suspension system components such as coil springs and shock absorbers help dampen the impact of road force. Over time, this force applies stress to the suspension system and can weaken the components. Off-roading and erratic driving can also wear down these suspension components even faster.

Typically, it is recommended to have steering and suspension systems inspected every 50,000 miles. Driving style, miles, and environment can all contribute to the deterioration of the rubber and hydraulic parts within each system. Not only that, but worn parts in these systems can reduce the life of your tires. 

Regardless of your driving preferences, we have the necessary equipment to identify and correct any issues affecting your steering and suspension system. Our staff is trained to inspect the steering and suspension components to determine whether your service will require a minor adjustment or a full replacement.

Eagle Tire technicians in Bozeman and Helena will quickly diagnose whatever issue you may be having, provide an assessment, and get you safely back on the road. So, if you think you need an expert to look into your steering or suspension—reach out today!