Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is the care and protection of your vehicle against potential major auto repairs. You can think about this type of maintenance as a type of insurance.

Typically, preventative maintenance includes service at regular intervals every 15,000 miles. You can normally find this information in your car's owner's manual, but we're also here to be your local resource. Stop by your local Bozeman or Helena Eagle Tire & Auto Repair shop to get a recommendation directly from our technicians.

Car maintenance intervals are designed to improve your vehicle's reliability, durability, and resale value. These service intervals may arrive sooner than you expect based on your driving conditions. Additionally, it's important to note that disregarding preventative maintenance can void your car's warranty coverage.

Montana’s environment is hard on vehicles, and your driving needs can put even more pressure on your vehicle. Driving short commutes, experiencing stop-and-go traffic, and carrying heavy cargo are all characteristics of severe driving conditions. 

Hot or cold weather, mountainous or rough roads, and dusty or salty environments can all affect your vehicle. Because of these innumerable factors, adhering to a rigid service schedule can keep your vehicle operating at maximum efficiency for years to come. The Eagle Tire team is here to help you and your car remain on the road—reach out today!