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Winter Is Coming, Time for Snow Tires

Eagle Tire’s Bozeman and Helena Auto Shops Are Ready to Help

As Montana changes from the warm fall temp to the frigid winter we know and love, our mechanics wanted to update you on how snow tires can make or break your winter driving experience. We know All-Season tires are great, well for all seasons. Yet, with thinner tread patterns and shallower grooves, they can't compete with winter tires on icy Montana roads.

Our winter weather can get rough; Bridger Bowl received massive amounts of snowfall last year. Snow tires are the best way to ensure that you are gaining traction on these Montanan roads. We recommend a tread design that gives you the most significant traction on packed snow when it comes to staying on the road during severe winter conditions. Eagle Tire & Auto Repair Center offers tire chains, tire siping, and studded or non-studded tires. Our service is completely flexible around what you need and with a level of service that will make you smile.

The Bozeman area is notorious for getting icy, especially at Montana State. Having a quality rubber compound and tread depth is what will make or break your driving experience while getting to your destination.

We all know the Homestake Pass between Butte and Bozeman, MT. This mechanic crew can confidently say that no one wants to be stuck winter driving with a pair of tires that will slip off and have them make a trip to a service center.

In preparation for this, our Bozeman and Helena stores have acquired the best snow and winter tire brands ranging from Toyo and Michelin to Falken and Hankook tires.

When you give our Helena or Bozeman stores a call, our certified tire team will get you with the right set for you, whether that be a wider tire, something more tread, or something taller. Our team of tire professionals has one goal in mind, to give you the best traction on this year's snow and ice.