Mechanic Performing Preventative Maintenance

What is Preventative Car Maintenance? A Short Intro

Preventative car maintenance is the best way to keep your car roadworthy for decades to come.

We recommend bringing your car into a full-service auto shop like Eagle Tire once every 15,000 miles. We'll go over your vehicle, check your belts, check for maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, and perform smaller tasks or auto services as needed. 

We've listed our more common types of preventative maintenance services below. 

Rotating Tires
Eagle Tire's auto service techs will rotate your tires strategically to even out the wear that each tire is exhibiting. A tire rotation will help you drive straight and get more life out of your tires. 

Changing Your Brake Pads
Brake pads wear down over time. Our Helena or Bozeman auto shop technicians will check your brake pads and report back with the amount of life they still have left in them. 

If your brakes are dangerously close to running out of brake pads, our auto repair shop technicians work with you to either change your brakes the same day or to schedule a brake change for the very near future. 

Swapping Out Fluids
Your fluids won't need to be swapped out often. However, Eagle Tire's team of full-service mechanics will do our best to ensure your car's fluids are safe during your preventative maintenance appointment. We never want to risk a seized engine if your transmission fluid, gearbox fluid, coolant, etc., runs dry. 

Seasonal Tire Changes
Using an off-season tire shortens the life of your engine. Extra sticky snow tires require more power to roll in the summer, and harder tires slip easily in the winter, causing sharp changes in speed. As a rule of thumb, the harder your engine needs to work, the sooner it will die.

The Eagle Tire team recommends seasonal tire changes for your car's best performance and longevity. 

Schedule Your Next Regular Checkup
Preventative maintenance is all about dealing with problems that haven't happened yet. Really, the biggest key to effective preventative car maintenance is consistency. 

Eagle Tire's auto repair team is dedicated to keeping you from breaking down on the side of the road. A mechanic from Eagle Tire's full-service auto repair team will look for anything putting your car in danger before fixing it during your regular checkup. 

The Helena and Bozeman Eagle Tire teams will have our preventative maintenance checklists ready to help the next time you stop by!