Frequent Questions
There are some questions we hear a lot. Questions about tire services, automotive repairs, and reoccurring auto service work. We’ve rounded up the questions we get the most and their answers — we’re hoping these answer anything you need to know.
Eagle Tire carries winter, off-road, and all-season tires from most major retailers. We carry tires from Firestone, Good Year, Yokohama, Hankook, Michelin, BF Goodrich, Falken, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Toyo, and Dunlop in each location. We don't list our exact stock on the site, but we'll have the tires you need for your vehicle. 

Have a specific brand in mind? Give us a call, we will be more than happy to get you in a set at (406) 587-5415 for Bozeman tires or at (406) 443-5910 for tires in Helena, MT.
We don’t list our stock on the Eagle Tire website to prevent miscounts and to give you the best service possible. If you call us, you’ll get a real person. That means our stock count will be right 100% of the time.
You'll know when to change your tires by looking at the depth of the grooves in the tread. When the grooves have become shallow, then it's time to change your tires!

However, every tire is different. So, ask us to give you an estimated life remaining during your next brake replacement, tire rotation, or regular service. We'll be happy to help. If you're wondering wen to change tires during seasonal changes, we have a blog all about the topic—you can read that article here.
Bring it on down to your local Bozeman or Helena shop. Our knowledgeable auto technicians and mechanics will inspect it. We offer free diagnostics when the work is performed at our shop!
Check engine lights can mean any number of things. We'll find out what your check engine light means if you bring it to your local Helena or Bozeman location. The best part? In-person diagnostics are always free.
ABS is your car's break monitoring sensor system. If your ABS light turns on, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our shop for an inspection by our qualified technicians.
Tire pressure monitoring sensors monitor your tire air pressure—the tire pressure warning light will turn on your tire pressure is too low. Add air to your tires when the tire pressure sensor light comes on to avoid a flat tire. Pressure specifications can normally be found on a sticker stuck to the driver's side door column. 
It is recommended to do a front end check at the least. Our technicians will inspect the wear pattern on your old tires to see how your car drives. Depending on the results of that inspection, our team will recommend the right service for your vehicle.
Every 5,000 miles to maintain even tread wear across all tires.
The Department of Transportation (DOT) certifies tires before they can be used on the road—the certification number will be close to the metal part of your wheel. DOT codes indicate that a tire passed inspection and its date of manufacture. 

Why does tire age matter? The average life of a tire is around 4 to 5 years regardless of use. When the components that form the tire structure begins to break down, there is a higher risk of failure. We always recommend replacing your tires before 5 years have passed.
In short, no. All wheel drive vehicles rely on all tires to perform similar to one another. Newer tires rotate at different speeds—causing unnecessary stress on your AWD system and/or StabiliTrak. If you only replace one tire, you're risking a much bigger repair than a simple tire service.