Frequent Questions
There are some questions we hear a lot. Questions about tires, fitting, service work. We’ve rounded up a lot of the most frequent questions and their answers — we’re hoping this can answer anything you need to know.
Every 5,000 miles to maintain even tread wear across all tires.
The average life of a tire is around 4 to 5 years regardless of use. When the components that form the tire structure begins to break down, there is a higher risk of failure.
It is recommended to do a front end check at the least. Our trusted technicians will inspect the front end and check for wear on old tires to determine any front end issues. We will then offer our recommendations, which may include an alignment.
They monitor your tire air pressure, and the tire pressure warning light will turn on if it's too low. This helps you know when to add air and avoid a flat tire as it is not recommended to drive on a flat.
It is the break monitoring sensor system. If it is on, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our shop for an inspection by our qualified technicians.
We recommend this because if one tire is worn down more than another, it will rotate at a different speed and can cause damage to the AWD system and/or StabiliTrak.
Bring it on down. Our knowledgeable technicians and mechanics will inspect it. We offer free diagnostics when the work is performed at our shop!
Yes, we will!